Arecor is a leading biopharmaceutical company that is developing a portfolio of products to enable improved treatments for diabetes care. These products will enable next generation technology and improve quality of life for those with diabetes. Through its innovative formulation approach/technology platform Arestat™, Arecor is able to offer significant advancements in this area by delivering products such as…

  • Highly concentrated formulations of insulin
  • Ultra-rapid acting insulins
  • A ready to use emergency glucagon pen

In March 2019, Arecor announced that they had reached the first step in the development of their ultra-rapid acting insulin product (AT247)  by receiving regulatory approval to initate a phase 1 clinical trial. The trial will see Arecor’s ultra-rapid acting insulin product compared to already existing ‘best in class insulin treatments’.

Developing a portfolio of products

Arecor, a spin out from Unilever in 2007, was formed to exploit the extensive experience of the founders in engineering solutions for novel applications of proteins and other biological molecules for emerging healthcare needs.

A leader in the development of superior biopharmaceuticals, Arecor has developed an innovative formulation platform Arestat™, allowing them to develop exclusive products within the health technology sector. Their focus is on improved treatments for diabetes care through the reformulation of approved proteins and peptides. These products will enable next-generation technology and, most importantly, improve quality of life for those with diabetes.

Future device technology such as wearable patch pumps and implants that can administer continuous insulin doses are vital developments for those living with the condition.

Diabetes care

Focusing on improved treatments for diabetes care

Arecor are also working on a stable aqueous glucagon product. In cases of severe hypoglycaemia where diabetics have to be admitted to hospital for their insulin levels to be stabilised, a hormone called glucagon is administered by medical professionals. However current glucagon products need to be reformulated and reconstituted in the hospital which adds to time taken before treatment can start. Arecor’s product is designed to come “straight from the bottle”.

Arecor has partnered with the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), Genzyme, GALVmed, to enable previously impossible delivery and use options for biologics. In over 90 per cent of the cases – Arecor’s technology can enable…

  • solid-to-liquid re-formulations
  • improved stability
  • high-concentration delivery, e.g. 200+ mg/ml
  • co-formulation of incompatible components
Chesterford Research Park

Expanding facilities for research and development

Arecor is the latest company to move to Chesterford Research Park where they have recently signed a five year lease on a 10,000sq ft (929sq m) facility having outgrown their 5000 sq ft facility on the Cambridge Science Park. This is twice the size of the company’s previous premises and allows the company to expand their research and development (R&D) facilities.

The company joined major bioscience players such as AstraZeneca and Domainex who have all chosen Chesterford as the base from which to advance their research and development. Chesterford is a key location within the ‘London-Stansted-Cambridge Corridor’ – identified as an emerging growth area for life sciences businesses. These location advantages are combining to make Essex a significant centre of life sciences research and innovation.

Chesterford Research Park

“Arecor is experiencing significant growth and we required enhanced facilities that could meet our expansion requirements, both today and well into the future. We selected Chesterford because of the quality of innovative companies already located here, the Park’s location within the Cambridge cluster and the excellent central facilities. Attracting top talent as we continue to grow is key to our future success and we feel that Chesterford is the ideal location from which we can continue to forge ahead.”

Dr Sarah Howell

How Invest ESSEX has helped Arecor

Invest ESSEX worked with Arecor on their choice of site; a 10,000sq ft (929sq m) facility incorporating an office and a research and development (R&D) space.

Invest ESSEX also introduced Arecor to Uttlesford District Council who were able to provide support to the company with their Business Development Rate Relief Scheme. Arecor are now in the process of developing commercial collaborations which Invest ESSEX will offer support with.


For more information on Chesterford Research Park see here.

To read more about Arecor, visit their website:


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