Costa Coffee in Essex

Costa Coffee opened its £38 million state-of-the-art Costa Coffee roastery in Basildon in early 2017 and now ships perfectly roasted coffee beans to more than 3,000 Costa cafes in 31 countries.

Seeking sites to be able to expand production, in 2017 Costa invested £38m to relocate their roastery to Basildon. This site was chosen for its proximity to Tilbury docks where the beans are imported. This is half the distance compared to the old Costa Coffee roastery in Lambeth, generating fewer road miles and emissions as a result.

The Costa Coffee roastery is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world, with stand-out features including a rain water harvesting system which will produce hot water for the building, cycle storage, and a solar power system to provide power to the building saving 80,000kg of carbon emissions a year.

In total, Costa employs around 15,000 people, 30 of whom work at the Basildon Roastery. By relocating, this means that the new site in Basildon has quadrupled Costa’s roasting capacity per year from 11,000 tonnes to 45,000 and will enable Costa to produce 2.1 billion cups of coffee per year.


Future Plans for Costa Coffee in Essex

The facility houses an academy which will train 3000 baristas per year and is expected to operate for the next 20-30 years.

There is also space to expand the Costa Coffee roastery in the future in order to create an annual roasting capacity of 60,000 and meet growing demand.

Costa Coffee Roastery in Basildon

Roasting here in Basildon keeps the UK at the centre of our growing global brand and enables us to build on everything we have learned from more than four decades of roasting in Lambeth. Today is about quality, capacity, investing in the future and being true to our heritage - it's about embracing our traditions whilst continuing to innovate and drive global growth.

Dominic Paul
Managing Director
Costa Coffee

About Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee was established in 1971 when brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa founded a coffee roastery in Lambeth, London. In 2017 they relocated to their brand new, state-of-the-art Costa Coffee roastery located in Basildon, Essex.

They opened their first store in 1978 and have since been selling their own blend of Italian coffee. In 1995 Costa was sold to Whitbread and in 1999 it opened its first international store in Dubai. It was then later acquired by the Coca Cola Company, who bought Costa Limited from its parent company, Whitbread, for £3.9 billion. There are now 2,389 Costa stores within the UK, with a further 1,366 throughout 31 countries worldwide, making a total of 3,755 stores. There are also a further 8,046 Costa Express machines located within offices, garages and supermarkets worldwide.

Costa are the largest UK coffeehouse chain and the second largest in the world behind Starbucks. They have won numerous awards including Allegra – Nations favourite coffee shop consecutively from 2009 – 2015.

Woman using Costa Coffee express machine


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