Personality at Work is an online system that allows companies ranging from start-ups to larger organisations to get hiring decisions right, build cohesive and collaborative teams, as well as supporting, developing and getting the most out of staff.

This makes it a ‘one-stop-shop’ to support organisations with all people-related issues. As Personality at Work is a subscription model, it provides customers with the flexibility to use the system whenever and wherever they like.

Personality at Work have dealt with organisations of all shapes and sizes across the world and believe that rather than just being a ‘dry, academic subject’, psychology can be harnessed as a practical tool to make the right ‘people’ decisions. Using their years of experience, they have designed a system that seeks to address three fundamental questions:

  • How can people better understand each other and get along better and more productively?
  • How can I truly know that this candidate is right for my business at this time?
  • How can I manage, motivate and get the best out of all the individuals in my team?

This is empowering managers and giving them confidence to make the right decisions, which was one of the original motivations for bringing Personality at Work to life.

How Personality at Work's system can benefit your business

Although Personality at Work officially launched on 1st January 2019, the company had already signed up many customers in the US, France, South Africa and Australia as well as the UK. The feedback from these customers so far has been that the system is helping them to improve performance and motivation among staff. It is also helping teams become more productive and collaborative through a better understanding of each other and what makes each person tick, without the need for expensive consultants.

One customer has already used the system on several recruitment drives, saving them money on agency fees and, more importantly, helping them get hiring right, which can be an expensive activity to fail on.

Bill McAneny
Lee Green

Scaling up from a small business

Since working with Invest ESSEX, Personality at Work’s sister company, Skilful, won contracts with some major multinationals and were recognised for a variety of awards for their innovative work. They were presented with the gold award in the ‘Website B2B’ category at the Essex Digital Awards 2016 in association with Essex Chambers of Commerce.

Additionally, Skilful have been named one of the Innovation50 companies in Essex for demonstrating growth potential and innovation. were also one of three finalists in the Essex Business Excellence Awards 2016 in the ‘Best New Business’ category.

Personality at Work intend to scale their business so that the maximum number of organisations can benefit. As it’s a subscription model, organisations can have unlimited use in all their recruitment, team work and individual development.

As a forward-thinking and ambitious company, Personality at Work will be continuing to expand the size of their workforce over the coming months at their offices in Black Notley near Braintree. Their goal is to become the global brand for individual development, team assessment and development as well as helping people to hire more effectively, all while using the Personality at Work system.

Invest ESSEX continue to support Personality at Work, facilitating introductions to organisations that would benefit from immersive training/learning as well as offering assistance with brand awareness through editorial and social media coverage.

It has been great working with Invest ESSEX. Their insights and enthusiasm have been refreshing as we grow the business and we look forward to our meetings with any of the team.

Angharad Jones
Managing Director
Personality at Work

Angharad Jones


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