Tevva Motors, founded by CEO, Asher Bennett, is an electric truck manufacturer based in Chelmsford which is aiming to become the market leader in the electric automotive industry.

As attention on the electric vehicle market has intensified in recent years thanks to newer motor companies like Tesla, in addition to investment in electric vehicles from traditional motor companies like Ford, Bennett’s company has gone from strength to strength.

Dubbed ‘the world’s greenest truck’, Tevva’s electric truck overcomes the problems of range limitation encountered by electric vehicles through a piece of unique technology, the Predictive Range Extender Management Software (PREMS). Overall, Tevva aim to make the electric truck both more energy efficient and cheaper to own.

Having featured as part of the UK government trade delegation to China in February 2018, Tevva Motors also secured investment of £11.8m in July 2018, including £10m from Indian company Bharat Forge and is currently delivering 15 vehicles to logistics giant UPS.

Exterior shot of Tevva electric truck beside building

Tevva in Essex

The Tevva journey began 6 years ago when ex-submariner Asher Bennett relocated from Israel to the UK by acquiring an entrepreneur’s visa and setting up his company in Brentwood. The decision to base his company in Essex was partly due to the rich automotive heritage of the county – with companies like Ford having helped to establish a skills-base by being based in the county for decades. Tevva now boasts over 50 employees at its Chelmsford site, to which it moved in 2016.

Tevva’s trucks are entirely designed and built in Essex – a testament to the innovative nature of the county’s well-established motor industry.

As an investment promotion agency, Let’s Do Business Group has been keen to assist Tevva in their expansion through their Essex delivery service, Invest ESSEX. In addition to helping them to successfully submit an innovation grant and acquiring a new property to accommodate expansion, Invest ESSEX has also introduced Tevva to key contacts at blue chip corporate companies, subsequently enabling the automotive company to secure further investment.

Most recently, in November 2018 Invest ESSEX brokered an introduction to an overseas partner, the Upstate South Carolina Alliance. Tevva are now in negotiations to consider testing their products in the U.S. for the first time, having only previously tested in European markets and conditions.

Truck interior

Tevva's Electric Truck

The electric trucks produced by Tevva are in the 7.5 to 14 tonne range, with many of these being range-extended. Tevva’s trucks can be relied on as they are able to remain on the road even after the battery has run out, something which they hope will ease the concerns of those worried about switching from vehicles reliant on fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives.

In addition to their key philosophy of always getting back to base, Tevva claim that their electric truck can provide up to a 23% saving in lifetime cost of ownership in comparison with a normal truck.

One problem often encountered by drivers of electric vehicles is range limitation. However, this is overcome through the inclusion of PREMS, which is entirely digital and uploaded to the cloud. This digital control system autonomously manages emissions and ensures that trucks can travel hundreds of miles without the fear of running out of battery.

This is partially done by ensuring that emissions are minimised in low emissions zone areas and city centres, making such haulage cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Tevva electric truck with white background

Future Plans

In 2018, Tevva licensed its product in India to Bharat Forge Limited through a £10m investment, giving them access to the rapidly growing Indian truck market. This investment will also allow Tevva to scale up their operations in the UK as they continue to expand.

The size of the battery pack required for electric trucks larger than those currently produced by Tevva was, until recently, a factor in delaying progress of the development of electric heavy goods vehicles. Nevertheless, Tevva now believe that their pioneering range-extender technology will eventually be transferrable to electric trucks in the 32 to 44 tonne range.

Tevva electric truck with Tower Bridge in background

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