Tuffon Hall is a modern, boutique vineyard in the heart of Essex that produce elegant, award-winning wines of the highest standard.

Although they have only been producing wine since 2014, the Crowther family have been working the land at Castle Hedingham in Halstead, Essex, for four and a half generations.

Tuffon Hall currently sell to select retailers, bars, pubs and restaurants locally, through their website and at a growing number of venues and shops in London.

At Tuffon Hall, four key aspects: heritage, craftsmanship, provenance, and forward thinking underpin their unique approach to the artisanal craft of producing award-winning English wines.

Producers of award-winning, sustainable wine

Castle Hedingham’s wine-growing tradition stretches back to Norman times. The current vineyard was planted in 2011 and the Crowther family have carefully farmed the area for over 100 years. Their specially selected grapes thrive in the terroir and currently go into the four wines which Tuffon Hall produce.


For over 100 years, the Crowther family has been involved in producing quality crops for the drinks industry. From their roots of growing malting barley for local beer and whisky, to their Bacchus, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier that were first planted in 2011.

They have a deep-seated connection to their land and are committed to treating it sustainably and with respect. This is evidenced by Tuffon Hall winning top prize in the Essex County farm competition for conservation in 2018.


At the heart of Tuffon Hall wines’ ethos is an unfailing commitment to quality and the craft of viticulture. All their vines are worked by hand and will never be machine picked.

Tuffon Hall believe that this gentle consideration goes a long way to ensuring that their wines perfectly represent the terroir of their vineyard and continue to win awards and accolades.


East Anglia is now regarded as being on a par with Sussex as the ideal place for English wine to thrive.

Tuffon Hall wines have already been compared to the great wines of France by Anthony Foster from the Institute of Masters of Wine, with Foster placing their Bacchus alongside Sauvignon as a noble variety and their Beatrice Rosé alongside the top Provençal Rosés.

Britain’s most popular wine expert, Oz Clarke from Three Wine Men, is also a fan, describing Tuffon Hall’s 2017 Bacchus wine as: “Pert, bright and scented.”

Forward thinking

Tuffon Hall are constantly searching for ways to ensure that their wines are the best that they can be by always looking to refine the way that they work.

Through respecting the land and local ecosystem, Tuffon Hall work hard to make sure that their wines carry a sense of place through to the glass.

Working with Invest ESSEX

In 2018, Invest ESSEX’s ERDF funded advisors facilitated an introduction for Tuffon Hall Vineyard to Eat Natural, who are producers of snack bars and cereals based at Halstead, as Eat Natural were looking for a local honey supplier to be used in their products.

Tuffon Hall have a beekeeper of 150 hives on their premises and plan to produce Borage honey this year. They are now working with Eat Natural on their ‘pollenation’ project, to have one of their monitored hives on site, and to host an Essex beekeeper get-together.

Going forward, Invest ESSEX will continue to support Tuffon Hall’s growth with events at their new wine centre, The Cellar Door, as well as product launches and introductions to new markets.

Invest ESSEX are proving to be a fantastic resource for us; not only with their ability to connect us to key partners in the food and drink industry, but with their continued support around our expanding products and facilities to accelerate our future growth.

Angus Crowther
Tuffon Hall Vineyard

An ideal location for wine

Tuffon Hall have already extended their product range to include gin and recently converted a barn to become a wine centre, wedding, and events venue called ‘The Cellar Door’. They also expanded the size of their vineyard in 2019 and are looking to increase their product range to include borage honey, candles, and grappa.

A recent study by University of East Anglia embellishes the award-winning success which has been lavished on Tuffon Hall since they were founded in 2014.

Researchers found that East Anglia has untapped potential for high-quality wine due to its relatively dry, warm, and stable climate. As a result, the Essex wine industry looks set to continue to prosper over the coming years.

It’s our mission to become known as the premier vineyard in the region and the torch-bearer for boutique, crafted wines in England.

Angus Crowther
Tuffon Hall Vineyard


For more information about Tuffon Hall or to try their products, click here.

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