WHYTT Magazine LTD is a publishing company that produces a print lifestyle magazine with an online blog which has now been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2019.

WHYTT Magazine aims to print a limited edition tertiary magazine which will be stocked in prestigious locations including Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, and Harrods.

How Invest ESSEX helped WHYTT Magazine

Initially, Invest ESSEX’s ERDF funded advisors were approached to assist WHYTT Magazine in moving forward with relocating from the previous shared space in central London which was not proving feasible in terms of cost, location, support and communication of the magazine.

On approaching Invest ESSEX, WHYTT Magazine were allocated a SME Business Manager who was a superb addition to this process in WHYTT Magazine’s trajectory. They were able to introduce WHYTT Magazine to Vision Co-working Spaces as a new business space in Essex and supported the magazine by way of advice, e-introductions and working as a sounding board to enable the limited resources that WHYTT Magazine had to use effectively for the deadlines for that period.

Invest ESSEX’s ERDF funded advisors aided in the support of WHYTT Magazine’s second issue, more specifically relating to the lead generation of the additional sales injection that was needed in order to complete the second issue, which was imperative to the entire project.

“Invest ESSEX were an instrumental and welcomed part of change and redevelopment in the process of WHYTT Magazine’s stages through publishing and relocating. Tracey Williams was our allocated SME Business Manager advisor during this process, who vehemently pushed through boundaries in order to help us succeed, proving that the staff at Invest ESSEX are dedicated to the businesses that they support - seeing them through until they succeed.”

Florence Bailey
Editor in Chief
WHYTT Magazine

Outcome of Invest ESSEX assisting WHYTT Magazine

The SME Business Manager was able to introduce WHYTT Magazine to a company they had been chasing for three months. This introduction established not only a continuing client-based relationship with property agents Knight Frank, but WHYTT Magazine are hoping to have them featured again in the next issue of the magazine.

From the external support that was received from Invest ESSEX, WHYTT Magazine were able to achieve the following:

  • Generated additional income through advertising that went on to generate additional income from more lucrative high end brands in the second issue
  • Gained an official distribution company that are very happy to work with in their niche market and who have a large portfolio of high-end premium clients
  • Relocated premises to Vision Co-working Spaces in Chelmsford which has increased client uptake
  • Nominated for the Blog Awards 2019
  • Received start-up Company of the Month at Vision Co-working Spaces in January 2019
WHYTT Magazine model

About WHYTT Magazine

WHYTT Magazine is a limited company by ordinary shares with a single sole trader holding one ordinary share at present. The company currently employs two directors and four core freelance staff including; Fashion Editor, Art Director, Lifestyle Editor and Sub Editor. WHYTT Magazine has the view to source benefactor’s/partnerships in the near future with organisations that share their vision and can assist in the potential growth of the magazine. WHYTT Magazine’s Media partner is Treniq and they work collaboratively with Titanium Models.

WHYTT Magazine have also outsourced international writers and they work with international musicians/bands, photographers as well as interior designs. Currently, WHYTT Magazine are working on the Travel section of the business online. Alongside this, they have a celebrity feature for the second issue of WHYTT Magazine and are being endorsed by celebrity PR agencies as part of working in collaboration with them.


For more information, visit WHYTT Magazine’s website here: www.whyttmagazine.com

Business support

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