Better Agency is a full-service digital agency, driven by an obsession with results and a data-led approach. Whilst they specialise in areas such as SEO, PPC, UX and content, they understand that success doesn’t always start and end with digital. They take a look at the bigger picture; the overriding objectives and challenges businesses face, and work in partnership with their clients to improve performance.

With a team of 12, Better Agency have expertise and experience in a number of areas, but the work ethic, enthusiasm and lateral thinking sets Better apart. They don’t jump on trends and innovations for the sake of it; instead they are tactical and focused on real-world results.

Business location benefits in Chelmsford

Better Agency have been based in the centre of Chelmsford for the past five years; a location which has proven to have a number of benefits for them. Not only does it provide them with easy access to London, there’s an increasing number of thriving businesses in and around Chelmsford, and have found themselves partnering more local clients.

Relocating to Chelmsford was also a conscious decision for attracting employees – Chelmsford is an appealing location for a number of people, with good transport links but without a long commute to London. It also means they’re close to two well-regarded universities, the University of Essex and Anglia Ruskin University, for the next generation of talented digital marketers.

“The in-depth technical knowledge and insightful approach of the team at Better Agency has seen us treble the number of domestic visitors to our site, as well as substantially increase our level of traffic and enquiries overall.”

Dionne Fenech-Soler
Marketing Manager

Future plans for Better

In 2019, Better Agency plan to continue their growth, attracting more clients and talented staff, but above all else, concentrating on how they can achieve great results for our clients.

They are also looking to launch their PR service. Their focus is on Performance PR – a concept based on the core principles of PR, that’s led by digital first, fed and fuelled by the learnings of other digital channels. It’s something they’re already working on with a number of clients, but there’s a gap in the market and it’s an approach that a lot of businesses could benefit from.


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