Clement Clarke International - Helping to manage asthma worldwide.

Clement Clarke International (CCI), part of the Hagg-Streit group, is based in Harlow, Essex and has produced asthma management products for more than 50 years. CCI’s “Mini-Wright” Peak Flow Meter, first launched in 1976, is recognised as “The Gold Standard” for measuring expiratory flow and is just part of the company’s growing portfolio of solutions for screening, monitoring and treating a wide range of respiratory conditions.

“We market our products throughout the world,” says International Sales Manager, Achel Shenoy. “That means a great deal of travelling for our staff. Our sales and marketing teams are regularly visiting customers or training users in the field. We also have a worldwide distributor network and they send their service teams to Harlow for product training. The proximity of London Stansted Airport makes it very convenient to conduct a global business like ours.”

Exhibitions and conferences like Arab Health or the Colloqium Respiratory Congress in Europe are important to CCI’s business development and the company has a busy schedule, participating in one or more events each month of the year.

“We meet customers and prospects from the medical profession, demonstrate our products and get a chance to share information with local distributors,” says Achel Shenoy. “The transport links to and from Essex make it easy for us to support events in the UK and overseas.” Essex is also important from a logistics perspective.  “Having seaports like Tilbury and Harwich close by is very convenient for shipping products to many of our markets.”

“However, we find that some customers prefer to have goods delivered by air. Airfreight is seen as more secure, particularly in countries where major city medical centres are a long way from the ports and road transport is hazardous. The choice of air or sea freight from Essex gives us and our customers flexibility,” says Achel Shenoy.

Looking ahead, CCI continues to develop new products for healthcare, a process that requires a high level of in-house skills and a strong collaboration network. Essex is well placed for both, as Achel Shenoy explains. “Clement Clarke has been based in Harlow for more than 50 years, so we have many employees with a great deal of knowledge and experience in asthma management. Our research teams depend on professional networking and collaboration with colleagues and customers, so the proximity of London and Cambridge is vital to their work.”

Essex has proved to be a good base for a specialist company that is continuing to expand its global business.

“We get advice on international business from the various agencies in Essex”, says Achel Shenoy, “and it’s easy for us to support customers in Europe and around the world.”