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e2v technologies is a global leader in specialised components and subsystems for innovative solutions in medical, science, aerospace, defence and industrial applications. The company’s product range includes advanced imaging sensors and cameras for applications including industrial process control, dental X-ray systems, space science and life sciences. It manufactures professional sensing products for applications including fire, rescue and security thermal imaging, X-ray spectroscopy, and military surveillance, targeting and guidance, as well as specialist components for high reliability mission-critical programs in avionics, defence and telecommunications.

Essex has a long tradition of electronics-based business, and provides an important catchment area for the highly-skilled people this knowledge-intensive industry needs. “We have strong historical links with Essex, particularly the Chelmsford area,”  says Dr Trevor Cross, Group Chief Technology Officer.

“There is an established workforce with electronics skills that grew out of the GEC-Marconi era. This is important to e2v. We need engineers and scientists of the highest calibre. About a third of our worldwide employees are ‘knowledge workers’, and the proportion is the same locally. Essex has the right high-technology profile that businesses like ours need.” “Quality of life is another key factor. We need to attract and retain talented mobile people. Many of our employees make their homes in Essex – they enjoy the quieter, rural life but like to have London so close.”

Access to London is important, as Dr Cross explains, “We work closely with universities like University College, London and Queen Mary College. We have 300 scientists and engineers in Chelmsford who depend on professional networking and collaboration with colleagues and customers. The proximity of London and Cambridge and their world-leading research universities is vital to their work.”  Collaboration like this is integral to e2v’s business model. The company is involved with the Essex Research and Development Network which is valuable for networking and sharing best practice. Collaboration is now international, with e2v teams located in Grenoble, France and the US where the company has its largest customer base.

“More than 70% of our business is direct export,” says Dr Cross. “The global nature of our business means that our engineers are involved in regular design meetings and conferences overseas, as well as technical support. Easy international travel is essential, so the proximity of London Stansted Airport is important to our business.”

Essex has long been a valuable base for global technology companies like e2v, with an established local pool of high-calibre skills and suppliers, as well as excellent transport links through London Stansted Airport for its international business.

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