FutureNova is a medical grade accessory company founded in 2013 with headquarters in Chelmsford, Essex.

Their flagship product is the FlipPad, an iPad case which enables the latest generations of iPads to be used in a medical environment and has proven to be a hit amongst clinicians.

In 2018, FutureNova created a website on Amazon USA for the FlipPad and signed a deal with the number 1 ranked company on the Apple Higher Education framework, Academia, to supply UK universities.

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock MP, visited FutureNova in January 2019 along with Chelmsford MP, Vicky Ford to discover more about how FlipPad is helping to revolutionise healthcare. As part of his visit, Mr Hancock toured Futurenova’s design office, viewed some prototypes, and witnessed how FlipPad works using surgical gloves.

Mr Hancock has a vision of radically improving digital access to healthcare and was extremely interested to see the benefits of our technology for himself. FlipPad can assist the NHS in its efforts to reduce instances of Norovirus and C-Difficile by enabling the use of mobile technology everywhere in the NHS where infection prevention is important.

Mike Casey

Health Secretary Matt Hancock touching FlipPad

Technology for the modern medical environment

The FlipPad is an accessory for the latest edition of iPads which is perfectly designed for the medical world. It ensures that the use of the iPad is possible in an environment where the prevention of health-care associated infections has a profound affect on patient mortality. The product was named the Consumer Product Design of the Year 2018 at the prestigious Plastics Industry Awards.

FutureNova were also one of the companies shortlisted by Insider Media for the Made in the Central & East England’s Manufacturing Innovation Award 2019.

The task of reaping the rewards that come with adapting the hospital environment for the digital age without compromising on health and safety has been an ongoing challenge within the industry. Recognising this, Mike Casey, the FutureNova CEO and Founder, as well as former Director of the Mid Essex NHS Trust, developed the idea for the FlipPad.

When you are exporting to 16 countries you need all the support available. Invest ESSEX have been there every step of the way.

Mike Casey

FutureNova have been provided with a number of grants by Innovate UK and worked with Apple in order to develop the FlipPad and line up a number of investors. They have subsequently obtained a ‘Made for Apple’ license from the technology giants, which acts as a globally-recognised symbol of assurance that the FlipPad is compatible with Apple products.

Advantages of the FlipPad

One option for many hospitals in the UK has been to use ‘computers on wheels’. Nevertheless, in comparison with the usage of iPads in the medical environment, computers on wheels are less numerous, less portable, and also less efficient. These are areas where an iPad which is fitted with the FlipPad can offer a distinct advantage over the alternatives.

The versatility of the FlipPad means that it can be used by both clinicians and patients, allowing patients to stay in touch with family and friends without the potential risk of infection.

Features which allow the FlipPad to be perfectly suited to the medical environment include a ‘wipe-clean design’, ‘chemical resistance’, and ‘antimicrobial screen’. On average, healthcare associated infections result in patients spending an extra 11 days in hospital, making the prevention of such infections vital for both patients and staff.

The touch-sensitive design of the screen means that clinicians can use the iPad even while wearing gloves in any sterile environment. In addition, the FlipPad allows parents to become more informed by giving them the ability to monitor their child’s condition.

In the current market, the FlipPad is the only iPad case which can be cleaned with high-concentration bleach and sporicidal sprays. It is also shock and splash proof, resists all harsh cleaning chemicals and its materials won’t be degraded by repeated cleaning.

The FlipPad includes the ability to lock the iPad with screw in bolts and to tether it to an immovable object to ensure that it can’t be stolen. The product’s unique rotary stand also allows for it to be rested at any angle on a bed table for patients.

FutureNova Distributing Worldwide

Based at Anglia Ruskin University’s Medical Business Innovation Centre (MedBIC) in Chelmsford, FutureNova can proudly say that the FlipPad is Made in Britain. The FlipPad is exported to 16 different countries across Europe and the Americas, including major markets such as the United States and Canada through FutureNova’s newly announced major distributor, Bluestar.

The product also featured prominently on the FOX medical drama, ‘The Resident’, which averaged 7m viewers per episode during the US 2017/2018 television season. The US has been the main market for FutureNova so far and the company has forecasted sales of $8.5m there in 2019.

Invest ESSEX recently introduced FutureNova to representatives from the Upstate South Carolina Alliance who were visiting the UK to meet companies actively looking at the US for new opportunities. Further follow up meetings and potential trade mission visits are now being discussed.

For more information, visit the FutureNova website: http://www.futurenova.com/