Phoenix Smokery is an artisan smokehouse producing artisan smoked foods such as fish, meat, cheese and pantry items in Stock, Essex. They also offer extensive seasonal product ranges as well as smoking courses and group visits. Formerly known as the award winning ‘Old Barn Smokery’, the rebranded Phoenix Smokery will be built on the knowledge and experience gained by the owners of the previous smokery, which was destroyed by fire in April 2018.

The Smokery aims to use ethically reared ingredients, locally sourced where possible. The provenance of their ingredients is such a vital part of their ethos that they visit all the farms and growers to see the conditions themselves. Phoenix Smokery hand smoke their products slowly, using traditional methods to allow the smoke to react with the enzymes in the food. This gives a subtle depth of smoky flavour throughout the product but still lets the quality of the original ingredients shine through.

Phoenix Smokery all cheeses

How Invest ESSEX has been assisting Phoenix Smokery

Phoenix Smokery has been working closely with the team at Invest ESSEX since April 2018 as work begins to set up a new business venture. Phoenix Smokery are currently crowdfunding to generate enough money to rebuild the smokery and fund all the improvements. See here for more information:

Every penny raised will go towards rebuilding and improving the smokery and developing the products and services. Some of the improvements include:

  • Building – The new smokery will be almost twice the size of the original, which will allow them to produce a wider range of products and also allow them to be more flexible in their production
  • Tours & Visits – The extra space will allow small groups to tour the smokery and will even be able to cater for lunches.
  • Smoking Courses – The extra facilities will allow them to run ‘Home Smoking Courses’. They will be running a number of one and two day courses throughout spring, summer and autumn
  • Energy Efficiency – Solar panels will be installed which will generate up to 9.6Kw power. In addition, they will use energy efficient refrigeration and energy saving LED lighting, etc.
  • Packaging – They  will aim to use more natural bio-degradable packaging and will endeavour to ensure all of their packaging is 100% recyclable, with a view to being plastic free as soon as possible. They are looking to use wooden, biodegradable trays, rather than polystyrene or foil covered. They will keep vacuum-packing of products to an absolute minimum, which will incidentally also improve the texture of the more delicate products, such as salmon and duck.
  • Grow our Own – They will be building a polytunnel and will aim to grow as many vegetables and herbs that they use as possible.

"Invest ESSEX took the time to fully understand our business proposal and then utilising their collective expertise and experience across a range of business topics to constructively question and advise. This will undoubtedly ensure we have a more successful business than we would otherwise had when we launch later this year."

Sid Dersley
Phoenix Smokery

old smokehouse burnt

“For me perhaps the biggest benefit of working with Invest ESSEX is the confidence that once they have confidence that you have a viable business opportunity it becomes a team effort and somewhere you can go with 100% trust and confidence for support and advice. Invest ESSEX also have an extensive network of contacts and are able to open potential opportunities which as a new company just starting out, we would not have access to.”

Sid Dersley
Phoenix Smokery

Phoenix Smokery duck


Visit Phoenix Smokery’s website to find out more:

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