Visteon Engineering Services - Innovation for the global automotive industry.

Visteon Engineering Services (VES) is a leading, high-tech supplier of engineering, research and development services to the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. VES is a subsidiary of the global automotive supplier, Visteon Corporation, which has facilities in 27 countries and employs approximately 30,000 people worldwide.

From its European Corporate Office and UK Innovation Centre in Chelmsford, Essex, VES operates as one of Visteon Corporation’s global centres of excellence for electronics product development, focusing on a range of advanced systems for driver information, audio and entertainment. It also supports engineering and development of interiors and climate products.  “This is a truly global business,” according to VES Managing Director and Global Director of Engineering Services, Bob Swanston.

“We currently support 17 vehicle manufacturers and 23 automotive plants around the world. The Chelmsford site also has overall management responsibility for Visteon’s European subsidiaries. All of that puts a premium on international communication with colleagues in other Visteon locations, customers and business partners. Having excellent road and rail networks as well as London Stansted Airport so close by is a real benefit.”

VES is proud of its roots in Essex and was originally part of the Ford Motor Company’s UK operations.  The company has three sites in the UK – Chelmsford and Dunton in Essex and Binley, Coventry – with some 360 people employed altogether. “We employ a diverse workforce of highly-qualified technical and business people,” says Bob Swanston.

“Essex has long proved to be an ideal recruiting ground for the calibre of people we need.”

The company recently relocated to Chelmsford keeping VES in close proximity to customers, suppliers and business partners based in southeast Essex and mainland Europe. It also gives Visteon the opportunity to become part of the growing high-tech cluster in that part of the county.  “Sophisticated electronics are an integral part of our product development programme,” says Bob Swanston. “Chelmsford’s high-tech heritage gives us access to people and companies with the essential skills we need. We act as integrators, taking core electronics solutions and building them into products and applications that improve the performance of automotive components.”

“So, it’s great to be part of a group of so many high-quality technology companies in this area. We are also starting to build relationships with local universities, take advantage of the research and educational facilities available and build relationships with other business in the Essex area.”

Visteon is one of the global success stories for business in Essex and the recent move will help it move even further ahead as Bob Swanston explains, “Although Visteon is operating in a challenging business environment, we feel positive about the future and the opportunities offered by Essex to our business and employees.”

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