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Exterior shot of Tevva electric truck beside building

Tevva Motors

Tevva Motors, founded by CEO, Asher Bennett, is an electric truck manufacturer based in Chelmsford which is aiming to become the market leader in the electric truck industry.

Richard Haward’s Oysters

Richard Haward’s Oysters is based on Mersea Island, North Essex but also has a retail unit at Borough Market in South-West London. Richard Haward and his family have been cultivating oysters since 1732, and there are now eight generations of oystermen in the Haward family.

Tuffon Hall Vineyard

Tuffon Hall

Tuffon Hall is a modern, boutique vineyard in the heart of East Anglia that produce elegant, award-winning wines of the highest standard. Although they have only been producing wine since 2014, the Crowther family have been working the land at Castle Hedingham in Halstead, Essex, for four and a half generations. Tuffon Hall currently sell to select retailers, bars, pubs and restaurants locally, through their website and at a growing number of venues and shops in London.

WHYTT magazine second issue

WHYTT Magazine Ltd

WHYTT Magazine LTD is a publishing company, producing a print lifestyle magazine with an online blog which has now been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2019.

Milk Bikes Limited

Milk Bikes is based in Chelmsford, Essex. The core focus of the company includes distribution and marketing of various wheeled goods, including bikes, scooters, skateboards, helmets and skates.

Personality at Work

Personality at Work is an online system that allows companies ranging from start-ups to larger organisations to get hiring decisions right, build cohesive and collaborative teams, as well as supporting, developing and getting the most out of staff.

Close-up shot of multiple cows in a field

Sutherland Partners Limited

Sutherland Partners Limited are an agricultural technology (agritech) company that formed in 2013. The late Bruce Sutherland, the inventor who helped to bring their flagship product, the Aid to Birthing Cattle to life, was an Essex-based vet who began to develop the product once he retired in his 80s.


FutureNova is a medical grade accessory company founded in 2013 with headquarters in Chelmsford, Essex. Their flagship product is the FlipPad, an iPad case which enables the latest generations of iPads to be used in a medical environment and has proven to be a hit among clinicians.