2019 is set to bring new challenges and technology to businesses working in the supply chain. Supply chain management is moving away from the traditional method of different distribution centres and retailers to new methods of products going straight to the consumer from a warehouse. Distribution channels now need to reach the end customer instead of retailers; and logistics processes must allow for smaller orders instead of industrial size orders to stores.

The Supply Chain Academy, in conjunction with Leeds Trinity University, are now set to deliver a Degree Apprenticeship in supply chain management. The Apprenticeship has been in development since 2016 through an employer group led by Essex based business Uniserve and the qualification was approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships last month.

Together, The Supply Chain Academy and Leeds Trinity University have developed a bespoke business-led degree tailored to employer’s needs, including delivery on campus at Leeds Trinity and at The Supply Chain Academy’s premises in Essex.

Supply Chain Management trends for 2019

Future supply chain management trends that may be seen include:

  • Emerging technologies: Warehousing and transportation will be transformed by drones, autonomous intelligence and robotic automation
  • Focus on supply chain visibility: The ability for organisations to gain visibility on the real-time status of their supply chain network will be improved due to data transparency and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Sharing economy: Organisations will be more flexible in their supply chain operations due to on-demand warehousing and on-demand logistics
  • Evolving customer channels: An ongoing shift away from traditional retail to direct-to-consumer shipping

A bespoke business-led degree

The Supply Chain Academy was established in 2012 by successful global freight business leader, Iain Liddell. The academy provides senior managers and directors with the ‘business led’ innovative and strategic vision for leading their supply chains.

25 apprentices, including employees of Uniserve, distributor of healthcare products and services Henry Shein, and Royal Mail have enrolled to study for the Supply Chain Leadership Professional Degree Apprenticeship over the next three years.

“The industry is desperate for the level of skills that will be provided by the Degree Apprenticeship. The Degree Apprenticeship was developed in partnership with employers to address those skills gaps. It’s been refreshing to work with Leeds Trinity, which has a reputation of providing a professional education alongside industry experience, to develop highly employable graduates.”

Paul Stone
Director of Human Resources / Director
Uniserve and The Supply Chain Academy

Staff will spend approximately 15 days per year on both campuses, attending lectures and seminars, and will be expected to complete online tasks and independent research activities within the workplace.

“We have been involved in the Trailblazer group to develop a brand-new Degree Apprenticeship for supply chain professionals since its inception two years ago. This is an exciting development in a sector that is crucial to the UK economy.”

Professor Margaret A House OBE
Leeds Trinity University

They will be assessed through various methods and the course will take approximately three-and-a-half years to complete.

Large scale, skilled workforce in Essex

Essex has a talent pool of 35,000 people working in port, logistics and related activities in Essex. There is also a larger available workforce for logistics occupations than other UK locations including Felixstowe, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Leicestershire.

Essex offers a logistics workforce that is outstanding in the UK, with more workers than other UK locations in the key logistics categories of ‘Elementary Occupations’, ‘Transport and Storage’ and ‘Skilled Trades’ (as % of total workforce).

For more information about the Degree Apprenticeship, visit www.supplychainacademy.org.uk/be-first  or email am@supplychainacademy.org.uk

[Source: The Supply Chain Academy; SCMR; ONS, 2015]