port of Tilbury expansion plan

The Port of Tilbury, London’s major port, has announced plans to transform the Tilbury container terminal with a £1 billion expansion. The proposed new port terminal, known as Tilbury2, will be built on a 152 acre site which was part of the former Tilbury Power Station. Tilbury2 is also likely to include a facility for importing and processing bulk construction materials to support demands from the UK’s building sector.

In the northern part of the site there is land available for the potential storage of a variety of goods, including cars. The port is planning to increase the size of the site from 850 to 1,100 acres and to add a deep-sea jetty for ships from Europe. This expansion will allow Tilbury to accommodate larger ships from Africa, India, and the Far East.

“We are one of the largest ports in the South East and have an ambitious plan in place to continue to grow and to bring economic benefit and jobs to the area. Our customers are looking for expansion opportunities in Tilbury and Tilbury 2 is a part of the port’s overall investment strategy.”

Peter Ward
Commercial Director
Port of Tilbury

Investing in the UK's third-largest container terminal

Port of Tilbury expansion plan

Although the port’s expansion will be paid by Forth Ports, nearly half of the investment at Tilbury is being made by tenants, following the port’s privatisation in 1992. The Port of Tilbury has been expanding at a fast rate over the past two decades as businesses in the port look for more space and land; coupled with a significant increase in the goods and products coming through the port. The port estimates that this will increase further in the next 15 years which the proposed new port terminal would support.

The proposed terminal at Tilbury2 will act as a satellite of the main port and it is proposed that it will comprise a roll on/roll off ferry terminal for importing and exporting containers and trailers.

The UK's number one port for construction materials

Gavin Barwell visit

The new berths are mainly designed to meet rising demand for building materials, including 40 million bricks last year, as well as food, steel and consumer goods between Europe and the UK. The Minister of State for Housing, Gavin Barwell MP, recently visited the port to see the impacts of the investment programme.

“It’s been fantastic to visit the Port of Tilbury to discuss their ambitious plans for growth in the Thames Gateway area. Their planned extension will help make sure the port continues to be the UK’s number one supplier of building materials.”

Gavin Barwell MP
Minister of State for Housing

The investment has been an important factor in the construction of the biggest Amazon fulfilment centre in Britain on the site, which will triple employee numbers at Tilbury from 4,000 to 12,000 in the next decade. This means that more retailers are also likely to decide to package their goods on site at the port, rather than moving them to a separate site for distribution.

About the Port of Tilbury

Port of Tilbury

The Port of Tilbury is the UK’s third-largest container terminal and the closest port to the City of London dealing with 60 percent of the port’s traffic with Europe. The Port of Tilbury specialises in…

  • Construction transportation to London
  • Import/export of timber
  • Distribution of paper
  • Production and distribution of recycled products

Tilbury is also where Jaguar Land Rover ships cars to South America and second-hand cars and construction machinery depart for West Africa. Shipments of recycled materials are also handled at the port.

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