This free two-day entrepreneurial finance workshop helps start-ups and small business owners understand material related to business accounting and entrepreneurial finance. In this workshop, you’ll gain a basic understanding of finance and accounting concepts to drive the success of your business.

The entrepreneurial finance workshop is worth £800, however we will be running it for free. It will run for two full days (9am-5pm) on Monday 4th March 2019 and Tuesday 5th March 2019 at the Civic Suite and Rayleigh Information Centre in Rayleigh.

Book your place at if you are interested. Attendance on both days is required.

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Gaining accounting knowledge

This entrepreneurial finance workshop aims to clarify the accounting language so that you are in control of the financial performance of your business, helping you forecast for the future, evaluate your current efforts, and establish strategies to meet your goals.

Even if you plan to recruit an accountant, accounting knowledge is still needed as you can make better, informed decisions about your business. This entrepreneurial finance workshop will enable you to have the tools necessary to have a better understanding of what the professionals are saying, so you can run your business more efficiently.

You’ll learn about cash management, funding scored and book keeping basics and on day two, you’ll learn about cash flow forecasting, break even analysis and variance analysis. These topics will give you the confidence and control needed when making financial decisions.

Day 1 topics:

  • Book keeping basics
  • Simple financial statements (p&l, b/s, cash)
  • Ratio analysis
  • Types of business
  • Cash management
  • Funding sources

Day 2 topics:

  • Budget preparation and cash flow forecasting
  • Break even analysis
  • Project appraisal
  • Variance analysis
  • Product costing

"It was a very thorough course, my knowledge vastly improved; and a bucket load of ideas to streamline our business, focus on growth and profit as we go into our new financial year. Jim was an excellent tutor, I liked his hands on experience, ability to relate scenarios to past difficulties he’d encountered in the workplace and understanding of difficulties facing small business operators. The financing growth element of the course, has made me begin to look at modernising our historic business plan and take finance to facilitate growth."

Stuart Nixon

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Who the workshop is for

The entrepreneurial finance workshop is aimed at businesses ranging from start-up founders to local business owners to corporates and is geared to anyone without a finance or accounting background.

Skills gained

The full value from this entrepreneurial finance workshop is only gained by full participation in both days. After completing the course, delegates will be able to:

  • understand basic financial documents used in business
  • interpret the information in these documents, and use it to manage day-to-day business activity
  • be more effective in their role

"The couple of days were really interesting and will definitely be beneficial to me and our business."

Robin Downey
Vison Property Partners Ltd

If you are interested, please contact to book your two-day entrepreneurial finance workshop. Attendance on both days is required.